2012 – Exhibition at the Housing Cooperative Gallery

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Down till dusk

Mirela Dziedziech’s landscapes are the result of a fascination with nature, a sum of subjective reflections, sensations and feelings that arise during direct observation of reality, discovering its secrets, learning its shapes, forms and colors.

Motifs that appears in her spring, summer, and autumn landscapes are distinctive of the native scenery: meadows and fields, trees, parks, groves and forests, streams, rivers, lakes, and ponds. In her paintings, she also records the passing and fleeting phenomena occurring in nature.

Landscape is for her a source of inspiration and a point of departure to building an autonomous painting structure. Coupled with a drive to solve purely painting problems, she has purpose to search for formal and color solutions related to the influence of light on the depicted space and its forms. The light changes with the time of day and season.


She does not imitate nature in her paintings; she creatively transforms it, keeping, however, its specific, recognizable, physical shapes that sometimes succumb to loss, get their contours dissolved and blurred. This leads to the depiction being hidden and the apparent dematerialization of the forms represented that can only be felt under the layer of colorful spots.

When building the image space, she relies on various compositional systems, simple or complex, dynamic or static. By shaping the space based on static horizontal systems and dynamic vertical and diagonal systems, the result is an internally balanced composition.


The applied compositional systems divide the image space into plans and planes that create rhythmic, symmetrical, compact and calm systems, sometimes asymmetrical, expressive and dynamic.

In the space described and constructed in this way, color and value relations play an important role in addition to formal arrangements. Shaping the space and its individual forms, she relies on basic and complementary colors, bringing out all the richness of shades and nuances from them.

In her paintings, she looks for a color harmony, she combines colors subtly and delicately. Avoids strong, contrasting and bold color combinations. Color systems are skilfully and perfectly balancing and harmonizing
The paintings are kept in polychromatic tones and the range of warm and cold colors is balanced. The colors used are of different intensity and brightness.

Her landscapes, apparently of pure value, have great color values. They are distinguished by a great sense of color, perfectly used to build space and mood. The selection of the color range takes place in terms of the assumed expression and emotions that the image is to evoke. The color combinations used suggest specific emotional states.


The image space is shaped and defined by small patches and color planes. Seemingly chaotically placed, they create a logical and well-thought-out order that creates an illusion of reality. The individual forms are built and described with delicate or wide, sweeping and dynamic brush strokes. The direction of the brush movement follows the shape and structure of the imaged forms. The paint is applied with alla prima resulting in a vivid and restless texture. The surface designed in this way makes everything seem to vibrate and move.

All elements of the pictorial space are well thought out and subordinate to a consistently implemented vision and artistic concept.

Her paintings show the ability to perceive nature in an innovative way. The ability to transform the observed reality and the phenomena and situations perceived in it into the image plane. In her paintings, she is able to reconcile the banality of the subject with a refined artistic taste.

Her landscapes amaze with their high pictorial value, refined and subtle colors and a great sense of value. They surprise with their free and virtuoso painting technique. They capture with freshness and direct perception of reality. They show that their author is a keen and critical observer, seeing the world as a great color show.

Grzegorz Sprusik


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